Part 2 Kitchen Curiosities with Richard Grausman and Kitchen Twins

Hi Everyone,

We are excited to share Part 2 of our Kitchen Curiosities Interview with Mr. Richard Grausman who is a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef, cookbook author and C-CAP founder. Did you know that C-CAP is celebrating its 25th year this year? That’s a very exciting anniversary and we are excited to celebrate with them at their benefit in New York City.

OK so in this interview you’ll find out about Mr’s Grausman’s

  • Favorite food  (we always love this question and answer)
  • If he could dine out any where in the world tonight where would it be?   (You think it might be Paris? Guess again!)
  • Cooking disasters (think high altitude!)
  • How Mr. Grausman thinks people can make healthier food choices.

Also we think you will enjoy the setting of our interview too. It’s cold and snowing outside where we are but very warm inside with a fire going.


Thank you again Mr. Grausman. We had lots of fun with this interview and learning about food through you.

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Have a great day everyone.

Emily and Lyla,

The Kitchen Twins

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