Summer So Far

Just a photo collage of our summer so far:
We share a lot of our food daily so here are memories we have had with our friends and family along the way!

Lyla staying warm while Emily goes swimming.
Our family golfing! (Emily left, Lyla right)
Enjoying a nice day on the lake! (Emily left, Lyla right)
Having fun on a swing-set although we were probably way to big for it.


Emily skiing.


Lyla catching the ball during a tournament this summer. Hot but fun!
Swimming after a lacrosse tournament felt so good! (Emily left, Lyla right)
Emily mid-catch heading down the field.
Our friend Ellrose from the Adirondacks had a tournament near us and so we stopped by back from one of our tournaments (Lyla left, Emily right).
We took a short hike on our lake (the lake we go to is in the background). (Lyla left, Emily right)
Lyla driving the boat.
Lyla and our mom at a creek on a run.
Emily and our cousin Lucy looking at the view on a hike.
We tried going down the slide like a train… (Lyla is in front, Emily is the fourth person in the train)
Lyla and our cousin Jack.
At pie dough making rolling out the doughs with our friend Kate. It got a little messy. (Lyla left, Emily right)
Great view of Whiteface in the background! (Emily left, Lyla right)
At lunch with friends (Lyla at head on table and Emily to her left).
Lyla skiing.
Emily skiing.
Us on the field. (Emily left, Lyla right)
Our team’s sticks together.
The morning fog lifting off the lake.
Getting ready to watch the Fourth of July fireworks with our friends (Lyla left center, Emily right center).
We got caught in the rain on a run with with our cousins, aunt, and mom. (Emily bottom right and Lyla above her)
After our run with our cousins Jack and Lucy. (Lyla left and Emily right)
Emily and our dad on our way to dinner.
We had a delicious dinner and stopped to take plenty of photos. (Lyla left, Emily right)
Like we said, plenty of photos. (Emily left, Lyla right)
The sun setting casting a beautiful reflection onto the lake.
Trying not to get wet although she eventually fell in. (Emily)
Another great sunset.
Trying to recreate a photo from last year and it turned out perfectly! (Lyla left, Emily right)


A sunset from another view.
Out to dinner with family. (Lyla left, Emily right)
Emily jumping out of the kayak fully clothed after Lyla splashed her until she was soaked.
Lyla skiing.
Emily skiing.

Hope everyone has had a good summer!
– Emily and Lyla ūüėČ