Kitchen Curiosities with Chef Cesar of Lexington Brass

We loved our time at Lexington Brass and getting to interview Chef Cesar Gutierrez. Watch our Kitchen Curiosities conversation and learn about his time at C-CAP (he’s a graduate-a true honor), Daniel Boulud as his mentor, his thoughts on becoming a chef and his very famous rice chips and how they came about! Chef Cesar is very nice and passionate about what he does. He grew up around unique foods and shares that with his guests at Lexington Brass in NYC. Chef Cesar has delicious dishes on his menu. We were thankful to try his goat cheese beignets, his rice and squid ink chips, tuna tartar tacos, beet ravioli, and salmon with cured beet and mango slices. Lyla and I had an extraordinary time with Chef Cesar, hearing about his experiences and food background. And, he gave us a bottle of Lexington Brass Olive Oil he developed which we love!  We hope you enjoy our video interview and photos of our dishes and time at Lexington Brass.

With Chef Cesar


Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 10.08.07 AM
Here is Lyla enjoying the goat cheese beignet.


This was my beet ravioli. This was something I could eat everyday.
This was the tuna tartar tacos that my whole family devoured.
Above is the salmon and cured mango and beet.
The salmon in the rice chip.
Rice Chip and Dip. You have to go try these.


Showing the rice chip’s beauty.
Checking out the delicious goat cheese beignets with apple dip.


Lyla photographing the tuna tacos.
Photographing the beet ravioli.
Outside of Lexington Brass. Lexington Avenue and 48th street NYC

Thanks for watching and reading.

Emily and Lyla,

The Kitchen Twins