Our Kitchen Twins Story

Have we told you we’re excited to launch our Official Kitchen Twins Make Your Own Kale Chips!? Yes, you probably know this if you are following us, but let us back up a little and show you how it all began!

Hope you enjoy our Story in pictures and words…

Thank you mom and dad for helping us put this story in pictures together

Since then we have had so many people support us so we thank you very much if you are reading this. And thank you if (and when??) you go buy our Kitchen Twin Kale Chips. ( :

If you get to ShopRite this week…and Acme next week this is what to look for in the produce department!

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 5.48.04 PM
Absolutely delicious Toasted Coconut in blue and Original (olive oil) in green. #ShakeYourKale


We want to say a thank you here to Kelly Ford, Edison Partners, Mr. Cimmorelli, Mrs. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Grausman, C-CAP, Pennington Quality Market, Whole Foods Princeton, ShopRite, Wakefern, Carol, Acme, Ms. Flory, Milo, Chef, Telepan, Chef. Shuman, Mr. and Mrs. Terry, Mr. Rockey, Chef Loi, Chef Cesar, Mr. Nawn, Ms. McConaughey, Ms. Cutler, Ms. Rizk, Chef Chris,  Tico, Mrs. Omiecinski, The Trenton Times, Lawrence Gazette, The Lawrence Ledger and our parents.

Have a wonderful day and we hope you enjoy everything.

Lyla and Emily,

The very grateful Kitchen Twins

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