Kitchen Curiosities Vol 6 Jammin’ Crepes

Hi Everyone,

We were so happy to be able to interview Kim Rizk, owner and chef of Jammin’ Crepes in Princeton New Jersey. Click below to watch the interview and learn what her favorite crepe is, what inspired her to cook, her biggest cooking disasters and more. And at the end you’ll see them making their famous crepes. And, they have gluten free and vegan crepes too.  It’s a very special place and we hope you get to visit. 


Tour of the kitchen
Eating the Apple Toasty Crepes
Tasting freshly made lemon curd – yum!
Lemon Curd is delicious. We’re going to try this on our next crepe.

Thanks for watching everyone and thank you again Jammin’ Crepes and Kim Rizk.

Emily and Lyla, The Kitchen Twins