Making Our Coconut Kale Chips

It’s just early morning in this video here and I am making our Kitchen Twins Toasted Coconut Kale Chips. I first coated the kale with the olive oil in the bag (#ShakeYourKale!!) and now I am sprinkling on the toasted coconut.

And voila in 8- 10 minutes fresh kale chips we are taking to school with us!

Freshly baked Kithchen Twin toasted coconut kale chips!

Oh you see in the picture the coconut packet  says “healthy is happy and happy is healthy”. I am proud to say I came up with that line ( :

School Lunch and snack – a whole avocado, black beans, chocolate oat chia cookie, peanuts and coconut kale chips


Both our kale chip varieties are gluten free and vegan and healthy!

Hope you have a great day!


The Kitchen Twins

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