Photos From 2017!!


All in all we had an amazing 2017. From memories at the lake, to time in the kitchen, being with family and friends, playing sports, eating happily, we did so many things and hopefully 2018 is just as good!  Here are some of our favorite memories from the past year. Thank you all for your support. We wish you an awesome 2018!

Emily & Lyla

Interviewing Jen Carson Lillipies owner

At the Boys and Girls Club where we did a demo


Michael Graves design team with their awesome new cookware


At Vidalia after a demo we did for Girl Scouts
In Chicago for the Home and Housewares show



Nice and early spot in Chicago

Meeting Ming Tsai


Pie making!
Dinner with family.
Bundling up for July 4th fireworks with friends!
Watching a Princeton University women’s lacrosse game.
Enjoying coconut water mixes from iTi Tropicals.
Dressing up for the last days of lacrosse season.
Had fun meeting Kate Weekes a great lacrosse player!
Eating out at a restaurant in Delaware.
Our lacrosse team at a tournament over the summer!
Meeting our friend, Ellrose, at her lacrosse tournament.
Enjoying the sunny day with our friends Kate and Ellrose.
Lyla and our mom on a run.
Making cookies on the Rachael Ray Show!

Finishing off the day on the water pyramid.
Can you tell who is who?
Us with our cousin Jack.
All the ladies in our family at Christmas.
After a Rachael Ray appearance.

Our family golfing! (Emily left, Lyla right)

Lyla skiing.
Emily skiing.
Emily escaping Lyla after she splashed her.
Having a little fun before breakfast!
Enjoying dinner on a neighboring lake.
Lyla left, Emily right.
Playing lacrosse at a tournament (Emily left, Lyla right).
Doing a little hiking on a warm day.
Emily sipping some coconut smoothie.
Lyla drinking fresh orange juice mixed with coconut water.
Coconut smoothie with chia and raspberries.
Our favorite chocolate mint milkshake that we shared on Rachael Ray.
Having fun during a photoshoot.

Have the best 2018 everyone….and goodbye to a wonderful 2017!

The Kitchen Twins