Summer Recap in Photos

Hi All!

Here is our annual summer photo dump …junior prom pics; lacrosse champs (yay!);¬† family – parents, cousins, grandparents including with our 106 year old great grandmother; friends; food; pets; sports. We love our time in Buffalo and the Adirondacks and of course anywhere there is good food¬† ( :

Junior prom before pick up
Lacrosse Champs!
With our 106 year old Grandmother (she’s 105 in the pic though)
At dinner with our parents
With our cousin Sara
A flourless chocolate birthday cake we made for a made for a family friend (another Sarah)
Twinsies! These are our twin cousins
Our Papa’s 80th birthday
Birthday boy
Ems about to Ski. The water was cooold
Pretty morning
Our friends boat and cool drone pic
This is Pearl. She likes food and mice
Ly cutting things up
Our Grandmother (Grandmolly) and our mom
On the Niagara with our family (downstream from the falls)
Our lacrosse team celebrating
A little Lake Effect ice cream
Photo drool
Golf day
Caramelized fruit and yogurt
Our favorite coffee – where we work in the summer
Summer Pizza
Sweet treats across from where we work
Favorite summer swim in the rain
Cheese boards must include cookies
Lyla and Ellrose
Catching air
( :
Rainbow salad (made this almost daily just different colors each time)
With friends and cousin. Someone was funny!
Summer smiles
Love our lacrosse team
Back drop where pre prom was. With friend Alex
Why not dress up in the woods

Next up – how our senior year is going.

Happy eating and everything. Lyla & Emily