Kitchen Curiosities with Chef Bill Telepan of Telepan NY

We love our Kitchen Curiosities Conversation with Chef Bill Telepan! He is the owner of Telepan on West 69th Street in New York.  This was really fun for us. Thank you for making us feel so welcome and lots of laughs. In this Kitchen Curiosities, you will learn about Wellness In The Schools, a loved ingredient on Telepan’s spring menu, where in the world he would eat dinner tonight and much more!  Also, we took tons of pictures you’ll see below.

The people there were so nice and passionate. We took lots of pictures so look below for the full scoop on everything!

With Chef Telepan! We gave him a bag of our Make Your Own Kale Chips. And he was sitting so we look tall ( :
During our interview. After we did our interview with Chef Telepan, we had a scrumptious lunch. It was so cozy and warm there which was especially nice because it started to snow (in March!)


We had lunch in the dining room with our family and Kelly Ford and Mrs. Grausman.


It was a special day!

Let us start from the beginning with what we ate in order.

Telepan menu!! We decided every dish we ate was our favorite.

Everything was plated so neatly and elegantly.

I loved this chickpea soup with rosemary.


Lyla here..I devoured this house made mozzarella. I cleaned the plate and don’t think I shared ( :


Kelly and our parents all ordered this poached egg on frisee salad with wild mushrooms. Chef Telepan has a very special way he poaches his eggs. Everyone finished every bite.


I don’t look too excited about sharing my chickpea soup with Ly.


A variety of veggies and fermented veggies. We loved fermented and learned about it from the Fermentation on Wheels lady who came to our school


Everyone shared this smoked trout on a buckwheat pancake. So pretty and we loved all of the flavors.


We love beets and so we both had beet gnocchi. We finished all of it and will order this again if it’s on their menu next time. We loved how the plate is decorated.
Here I am finishing my beet gnocchi. (Lyla)
The beet gnocchi plate is even pretty after eating it.
Kelly had what she called the best chicken ever.
Our parents both had the tuna salad with fresh chick peas and arugula carrot salad with chickpea-rosemary crostini. Of course they finished it they loved it.
Tangerine tres leches with citrus salad & tres leeches cream (we looked up tres leches -it means 3 milk bread). All of us shared this. it was refreshing, light and a very perfect dessert.
Here we are with Patrice! She is the assistant pastry chef at Telepan. And she is a C-CAP Grad. (Careers through Culinary Arts Program)


Peanut Butter and chocolate dessert with peanut brittle ice cream. It had a little jam next to it. I love peanut butter loved loved this dessert.


I’m having peanut butter dessert. So good.


This is coconut cake that my mom and Kelly had. They finished it ( : Kelly is going to have coconut cake for her wedding – not sure if this one inspired her?


The best sorbet we ever tasted. Pineapple, grapefruit and passionfruit.


I know seeing this will be hard because a plate of this chocolate bread pudding is not in front of you. Hope you get there to try it.



Lyla here and I’m enjoying the best chocolate dessert ever – the chocolate bread pudding.

We had lots of fun..
After my meal.
With Patrice. She was so nice and we loved every one of the desserts.
We will be back soon Chef Telepan! Thank you again everyone at Telepan.

Emily and Lyla, The Kitchen Twins