Kitchen Curiosities: Betony’s Chef Bryce Shuman Interview

We are excited to share our interview with Chef Bryce Shuman, the Executive Chef of Betony in NYC. Betony was voted top restaurant in New York last year and earned a famous Michelin Star.

You will love the stories in this interview – you will learn about Chef Shuman’s time in the Arctic Circle when he was young, his favorite thing to cook at home, his favorite rib joint in North Carolina and how to make healthier food choices. We had a wonderful time hearing Chef Shuman’s stories and thoughts and we hope you enjoy it!

And, we know there is a little interference in the interview off and on, sorry about that everyone.

Below is the Interview link:

Thank you again Chef Shuman and everyone at Betony. We can’t wait to come back for a visit and meal.

Emily and Lyla, The Kitchen Twins


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