Kitchen Twins Delicious Lunch at Betony

Lunch at Betony, in New York, was the most delicious food we have ever had. Betony is very well know and has a Michelin star and voted top restaurant in New York in 2014.

Everyone at Betony was so nice and told us detailed descriptions of the dishes. The restaurant was comfortable and casual but still fancy. The ceiling was covered in wooden Greek picture carvings, which was cool and interesting because we are learning about ancient Greece in humanities. They had good music playing and lights shining from above.

We ate lunch and then got to interview Chef Bryce Shuman the executive chef at Betony and Mr. Eamon Rockey who is the General Manager at Betony and in charge of beverages.  We loved hearing about Chef Shuman’s experiences and Mr. Rockey’s story. Our Kitchen Curiosities interview will be separate on our blog with Chef Shuman and Mr. Rockey.

We got to visit the kitchen and had our first tasting of caviar thanks to Chef Shuman. There is a lot to learn about caviar including how it is stored and which type of spoon you use. You will see below all of the dishes we tried. We loved everything we tried and would order it all again.

Mr. Rockey has fun drinks and unusual ingredients. For lunch we had a lime and mint drink and then Mr. Rockey brought us his delicious milk punch- it does not look like milk and it is a little sweet which is perfect for us. You’ll see pictures below of the orange curls we made to go with our milk punch. The oranges smelled delicious.

In the Kitchen with Chef Shuman.


Closing the interview with Chef Shuman.


The goat milk and beet dish – we love this so much and got to try it first at the C-CAP Benefit at Betony’s table



This is a chive and potato velouté.



A pea sprout and grain salad.


Sharing the velouté.



Sharing the green goddess salad.


Our parents both had this dish – it’s sourdough pasta with fermented green and purple kale with a pouched egg in the center.
A delicious sprouted amaranth roll with whipped goat yogurt.
The green goddess salad.


Bass with mushrooms and teff.
Ocean trout with sweet potato and fig. DELICIOUS!!!!! We both ordered this and so did our dad.



Lyla Eating (and finishing) the trout.
Emily eating (and finishing) the trout!
Listening to Chef Shuman talk about caviar.
Trying caviar. There are only certain spoons you want to use to eat caviar – mother of pearl, gold or plastic. This is because you don’t want a metal reaction.
Trying caviar. We learned Chef Shuman’s daughter has also tried caviar! She is 11 months old. It’s actually perfect baby food.
In the kitchen – preparing a meal.
The kitchen was beautiful and everyone was so nice!
Watching meals be prepared.
Preparing food.
Blood orange and a caracara orange.
Orange spirals. Mr. Rockey showed us how to do this with a special channel knife and how to curl them.
Enjoying the milk punch with Mr. Rockey. He makes the milk punch himself
Emily making spirals with the channel knife ( we went out and got one today at Sur La Table.)


This was a delicious dessert and mysterious looking – it’s actually cheese and apple but the cheese is cheese ice-cream that you are looking at in this picture. The apple is hiding behind the cheese ice cream.
Chocolate!!!! Actually this is like a klondike bar – they had hidden in the chocolate frozen banana and then it has a lemon sauce with it. There’s a little salt on top. We love salty sweet stuff.
Deciding Which dessert? This is us with our mom.


Here is us waiting for the interview to start at Betony.
Here we are waiting for the interview to start at Betony. And we decided we wanted to come back here immediately for lunch or dinner.

Thank you for reading.

Lyla and Emily

The Kitchen Twins