Healthy School Lunches-Kitchen Twins

Hi Everyone,

Here’s a bunch of pictures and descriptions of our school lunches lately. Probably our favorite thing to bring to lunch is avocado sushi rolls but that only happens with a leftover and usually there are no leftovers. 


Chocolate chia pudding, chick peas, date/oat/walnut energy bites, veggies including cucumber, red cabbage and carrots
Homemade avocado sushi rolls, peas, popcorn and cashews. Peas are frozen and they are perfect at lunch time.
Raspberry chia pudding, date/oat/walnut energy bites, peas, Chebe gluten free cheese biscuits
Freshly made hash browns, cantaloupe, peans and Perfect Snaque Cinnamon Apple Quinoa Crunch
Cantaloupe, popcorn, gluten free toast and a bean veggie burger (it’s black bean and rice from Whole Foods)

Hope this gives some ideas for your lunches. Please share any lunch ideas you have too.

Have a great Sunday. Emily and Lyla, The Kitchen Twins

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