Being A Twin

Little pumpkin eaters!

Twin time! Left: Emily Right: Lyla

So what really is ‘to be a twin?’ Well,  the dictionary says it is

  • one of two children or animals born at the same birth.
  • a person or thing that is exactly like another: “there was a bruise on his cheek, a twin to the one on mine”

But if you are a twin you know that that definition means nothing. I mean yes we were born at the same birth, but we are not exactly like each other. If you see us in a photo or for the first time you may think we look exactly alike, but you also might think we look totally different. And we definitely don’t act the same. We are not calling the dictionary wrong, but we are telling you guys our definition of being a twin. Let’s start off with both of our opinions of this definition:


Being a twin is something very special, and more special when you are one. There are different types of twins, no not defined but if you take a look or listen to twins you’ll notice the similarities and differences. Some twins look alike but have totally different personalities, some look nothing alike and are bffs, some look alike and act alike, and on & on & on, I’m sure you get the point by now. I’m saying that everyone is unique, and nothing is exactly alike.


Twin’s are each unique in their own way. They both have their similarities, yes, but they are individual people. We are like two sisters, one older and one younger, in a lot of ways, but we were born pretty much at the same time (we are two minutes apart). We know twins who look nothing alike and have totally opposite personalities so you would never think they are twins, never the less sisters. All in all, the definition in the dictionary does not explain what exactly twins are, just the scientific definition. That was a little of our insight on the definition of twins’.


So now that you have our opinions on this definition let’s get to the personal stuff. What do we like about being a twin, the cons? Do you like looking alike?


What I like about being a twin is that I have a bibf. I’m sure you don’t know what that is; it is a built in best friend. I love having somebody always by my side who I can share anything with and always know that she is there to support me and that I can trust her. There are relatively no cons to having a twin, just when you are annoying you have no where to go because you are a two-in-one deal!! I love looking alike. It is like a mirror of yourself and so much fun because you can trick people.


Not surprisingly, Lyla said exactly what I was going to say: twins are great because you have a bibf, and there really aren’t any cons!

We now can come up with our own definition of being a twin;

-a bibf
-a mirror
-your other half

and whatever else you think being a twin means!

Lyla & Emily 🙂