Heading for the New Decade

2020 is here! That means a new year, new goals, and more food. We wanted to do a recap of our year for you and share our New Years resolutions.

This year was crazy, what with moving and starting a new school. In 2019, the cooking world presented us with many amazing opportunities like Rachael Ray and Pickler and Ben. The thing we are most grateful this year was the launch of our cookbook The Teen Kitchen. Thank you to everyone who helped us promote it and who helped us with the process, we hope its success continues into the new year.
It was just a few months after our cookbook came out that we were told we would be moving to Buffalo. Of course, the idea was present but even now it has not fully set in. Summer lacrosse and the Adirondacks seemed to fly by with trips back to New Jersey to pack up our house. Luckily enough, we were able to find a house that we loved and have started making it our own. Fall brought field hockey and new friends and was a whirlwind of a time. But we settled in quickly and love our new community. Our field hockey team had a winning record and went on to the championship game in Toronto. Unfortunately, we lost, but the team was great and helped introduce us to many people.
And now its winter, we are running indoor track (which actually is not inside haha) and finished exams a couple weeks ago. It is strange that the school year is halfway through already.
As for our New Years resolutions, here are a few from each of us:
Emily: I want to continue to do well in school and train hard for the lacrosse season coming up. For Kitchen Twins, I want to share more of the great recipes we have on the blog.
Lyla: In terms of school and athletics, I wish the same as Emily. I also want to promote the cookbook even more so that its success can continue.

Finally, here are some photos that recap 2019:

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