Getting Started

Something to remember…

We found this floating around in drafts I thought you might like to read it.

This is some background on me and my sister.

When we were little my dad, sister and I used to eat meat. I had liked most of the meats, but the thing is when my mom told me how they get the meat and make it, I cried. I was so sad to hear it. Then one day we visited a Cherry Grove farm and met a cow named Molly.  She was small and had very long eyelashes. We were allowed pet her. My mom asked the farm if she was a dairy cow and they said no.  We were younger, but my mom explained that one day those animals could be gone (my mom did not eat meat). A few days later, my sister and I quit eating meat, and then we asked my dad and he did. My mom was really surprised and very excited. But this is not the full story…

When we were young (my sister and I) we would be pretty picky on the food we ate. That also helped us get involved in making dinner. We also would help making breakfast, dessert, appetizers and snacks. This is what started the start of our food obsession.

Our parents work in the food business and make all natural foods.  They let us taste test what they were making and other things.We also used the foods they made in so many of our recipes like fruity desserts


I hope this inspired you to cook,

Emily and Lyla