Summer In Review 1: Boating Coarse

Me and Lyla after we passed (I’m on the right)
Our Boating Class!

This summer, during a very hectic week, Lyla and I took a 3-day boating coarse. This boating coarse  was age 10+. Our friends took it with us. We studied hard trying to remember about PWC’s (personal water craft), PFD’s (personal flotation device), parts of a boat, the engine, and much more. At the end of one class, we got to watch an experiment that our instructors demonstrated. The experiment was with fire, and how to put it out if your boat catches on fire. Another day we played a game where if you got the answer right, you got a piece of candy. On the day of our test, Lyla got her test first, and passed. I was so nervous waiting for my test, but when they handed me my grade, I was relieved I passed. That was about our boating coarse.

Me & Ly studying