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Kitchen Twins-Spring Break Highlights

Here is a list of what we did over our spring break. At first we were sad not to go to Florida to visit our grandmother (she is coming to us), but we had the best 2 weeks ever! Sponsored and hosted Princeton Pi Day Pie Judging Contest Sleepover at friends and shopping and eating in town… Read more »

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Win $250 Whole Foods Gift Basket

Lyla and I are very happy to partner with our local Whole Foods stores to help everyone understand more about bees and how important they are to our healthy foods. To #ShareTheBuzz Whole Foods has a really great bee-themed prize to give away. Would you like to Win a Share The Buzz $250 Whole Foods Gift Basket?… Read more »

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Raspberry Chia Pudding – Kitchen Twins

Good Morning Everyone, We love chia pudding and normally eat chocolate or vanilla, but we have a new recipe to share and that’s Raspberry Chia Pudding. It is very simple to make and a treat. Plus it is very healthy. We take Chia pudding to school a lot and we also like it for a… Read more »

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Healthy School Lunches-Kitchen Twins

Hi Everyone, Here are more of our school lunches from this past week. This was a week of soup and potatoes as you can see. We love to make homemade soup with our mom and love Chloe Coscarelli’s recipes which are vegan and gluten free. Sometimes we add in cheese instead of the nutritional yeast in… Read more »

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Toasted Coconut Make Your Own Kale Chips-Kitchen Twins

Hi Everyone, We are so excited about launching a new flavor of our Kitchen Twins Kale Chips. Introducing…..Toasted Coconut Make Your Own Kale Chips! Yum yum. It’s on shelf now at Pennington Quality Market. This combination may seem different, but trust us it is just delicious (see empty bowl in picture)? We use very delicious toasted coconut to… Read more »

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Gluten-Free Chocolate Oatmeal Chunkers by Sweet Lorens

Hi Everyone, Loren Brill is the owner of Sweet Loren’s cookies which is a line of cookies that are sold in the frozen section in all of the NYC Whole Foods stores and many more. Below is Sweet Loren’s very special Chocolate Oatmeal Chunkers cookie recipe that you can make yourself. Thank you Loren for letting… Read more »

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A Few Food Favorites- Kitchen Twins

Hi Everyone, below we share four favorite foods (spaghetti squash, kale (of course), cauliflower and bananas) and how we enjoy them. Maybe you enjoy them in the same ways or maybe this will give you new ideas. We will continue adding to this list. Please share any ways you like to enjoy because we love to try new… Read more »

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A Fun Meatless Monday- Potato Pancakes with the Kitchen Twins

Hi Everyone, I love potatoes. I was going to make hash browns tonight but instead decided to make potato pancakes. Then of course they have to go with applesauce, so we made that, plus mashed cauliflower and seasoned black beans because we had those on hand. It was a fun meal to make and eat. Everything… Read more »

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A Look Back at a Happy 2014!

Happy end to 2014 Everyone. Hope it was a good year. Things we are happy for this year- our family, friends , school, kitties (pearl and sapphire), being healthy, lots of cooking, outdoor fun (lacrosse, field hockey, hiking, biking, swimming), launching our new kale product and all the support. We love to share and thank… Read more »

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Kitchen Curiosities Interview 4: Chef Chris from Whole Foods

Hi Everyone, Here’s a Kitchen Curiosities interview with Chef Chris from Whole Foods. She knows a lot about foods, gave us a cooking demo opportunity in her store and we hope she has a very nice Thanksgiving.   We hope you enjoy the video!!! Thank you Chef Chris for allowing us to interview you!!!  … Read more »