Our Launch-Make Your Own Kale Chips!

Hi Everyone,

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 7.25.59 PMWe are so VERY excited to launch our first product!  We had this idea last year (even before the Shark Tank event we did) and now it is ready to launch. We are very thankful to local stores like Pennington Market, Olives and D’Angelos that will have our product first locally and they have it today! And stay tuned because our product is going to be in many more stores on the east coast starting in January! 

So What is it? Our product is…Make Your Own Kale Chips.

Here’s a picture of the bag.new kale bag_cutout

Why? Because we love kale chips and because we wanted kids to have fun in the kitchen with their families, and make something healthy, and very delicious. But please know that this snack is for Everyone!!!! Not just kids. Young and old (even our grandmother liked these chips and she is really a potato chip person – we think we might have gotten her to be a kale chips person though).  Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 6.22.12 AM

How do you make it?  It’s very simple!!!  Well, our kale comes in a bag. It is already washed and trimmed. All you do is open the bag, take out the oil packet (and seasoning version to come). Open the oil and pour into the bag over the kale. Zip it closed AND then

1. Shake

2. Bake

3. Eat

Check out our video to see how we make the product in action!  Click video below:


And, thank you to our parents who are launching our product through their company, The Perfect Snaque and for making cooking and eating healthy fun and creative. If you sat around our kitchen table, you’d probably know why we wanted to become entrepreneurs too. Our parents talk a lot about work (of course), food and always love to talk about new ideas. And thank you very much to Kelly Ford at Edison Partners for your help and excitement for us young entrepreneurs and good food!!  You inspired us!!!  

By the way, we thought about calling these Disappearing Kale Chips – we think you’ll know what we mean when you’ve tried them. 


Thank you for your support of us.

Bloggers and Chefs and Entrepreneurs,  Lyla and Emily 🙂


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