How to Cook Perfect Scrambled Eggs with Richard Grausman & Kitchen Twins

Hi Everyone,

This weekend, we had the honor of learning how to cook the best scrambled eggs with Mr. Grausman. Mr. Grausman went to Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and he was the school’s first U.S. representative to teach the school’s techniques outside of France.

He taught us many wonderful tips for making the creamiest, most flavorful eggs ever! How?

  1. Use a organic or local eggs and scramble with a whisk.
  2. Don’t add anything to the eggs.
  3. Then, cook on low heat with no butter or spray in the pan ( use a non-stick pan).
  4. Stir constantly with a rubber spatula light scraping the bottom of the pan.  This took about 15 minutes or so to cook the eggs.
  5. Once they are creamy and cooked, serve and add a dash of salt only when they are finished.
  6. Yes, this takes a while but it is SO worth it, they really are the best scrambled eggs ever and the best looking.

If you take your time and do it this way you will be sure to not dry them out. See all our pictures below cooking eggs with Mr. Grausman. It was really special to learn his egg technique and then enjoy the eggs and a brunch with him and Mrs. Grausman and our parents.

We hope you look on You Tube for our upcoming Kitchen Curiosity with Richard Grausman!  Enjoy, Emily and Lyla 🙂

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