Adirondack Adventure Week 2-4


This is our Adirondack Adventures weeks 2-4. There were a lot fun and eventful activities that took place in these 3 weeks. First and foremost, we had so much fun with all of our friends and family. We hiked bear mountain, went to the Waldheim for breakfast, ate lots of kale chips, we went to Water Safari, we ate s’mores, we did different hair styles with shampoo, we watched our friends dogs for a day, and we cooked…a lot!  Take a look at these fun photos of our Adirondack Adventure.

Eating kale chips at the lake!
Driving the boat on our own for the first time with our cousin Lucy!
Lyla made a delicious salad with tator tots as the croutons!
Our friends taught us how to make treats called gipsy pops- you burn the marshmallow and pull that part off and you have two yummy treats – the inside and the outside!
This is a shadow picture of us and Lucy (our cousin), and our friend. Our hair looks funny because we were styling it with shampoo. Left to right- Emily, our friend, and Lucy.
Us and the beautiful view atop black bear mountain.
Here we are feeding ducks at the Waldheim.
With our cousins Jack and Lucy eating breakfast at the Waldheim.
These are our friends dogs Harper and Levi on a boat ride to our camp.
With our friends at Enchanted Forest Water Safari.
The bear at our friend’s house. He visited their kitchen many times and ate all the s’mores stuff plus ate peaches but spit out the pits!
Us and our friends at Black Bear mountain.
Sunset. We wish we could see this all year.
With our friends going to dinner.
Coconut rice and we added veggies and falafel

Hope your summer is wonderful so far!

Emily and Lyla, The Kitchen Twins

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