Cooking with Richard Grausman and The Kitchen Twins

Hi Everyone,

Tonight we made a very delicious dinner. The recipes are from Richard Grausman‘s cookbook who we have a very great honor of interviewing Mr. Grausman next week.

Mr. Grausman is a chef, cookbook author, teacher and founder of C-CAP which stands for Careers through Culinary Arts Program which trains people who might not have access to more education to learn skills in the kitchen that will help them get jobs.

We cannot wait to share this wonderful interview. We have done a lot of research on Mr. Grausman (including making his recipes!).  We think C-CAP is an amazing program and you can read more here:

Also, there is a movie made about C-CAP. It’s a documentary called Pressure Cooker which has won many awards. It tells the story of what C-CAP is all about and follows some of the students to show how amazing learning to cook is for them because it provides a future job that they love.

In the meantime please enjoy the food pictures. We made a very delicious broccoli puree and our first soufflé! The recipes are from Mr. Grausman’s cook booked called “At Home With The French Classics.”  It called for spinach but we only had kale so we made a kale soufflé. It’s a very green meal and very tasty.



We replaced this cauliflower with the broccoli which is an option in the recipe. It was so good and we are going to make this a lot.


The Puree. Yum

IMG_5343 IMG_5344



Separating eggs.


The kale we boiled for 3 minutes and here Emily is getting the water out.
Emily making the soufflé base.
Folding in the fluffed egg whites very carefully.






The finished soufflé. It is very light and delicious. We sprinkled parmesan cheese on top.
The finished meal!



Lyla and Emily.

Happy Cooking!!!!!!!!

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