Favorite Cooking Accessories – Kitchen Twins

We love using and having special kitchen appliances, but there are so many. So we decided (though it was hard) on our favorite cooking accessories, and are now showing them with you. These tools each serve many purposes, such as the brushes. They can spread olive oil on bread, or cover biscotti with chocolate! We like the cooking accessories we have chosen because they are functional, fun, and helpful. We love visiting Sur la Table and William Sonoma to look at and buy different items. Walking through the stores gives an inspiration on what to make or things to add to recipes.

What are our favorite cooking accessories?

  • Spiralizer: you can make “zucchini pasta”, or french fries with potatoes
  • Chopsticks: use them with rice, sushi, ect.
  • Mini spatulas: for scooping out chocolate, scraping bowls
  • Masher: mashing bananas, avocado, apples
  • Steamer: for making dumplings, spring rolls, edamame
  • Cookie baller/scooper: for scooping the perfect sized cookies
  • Hand-held julianer: for making sushi-sized strips for sushi, slicing vegetables quickly and nicely
  • Mini tongs: tossing kale chips, flipping salmon, picking up hot food
  • Hand, electric mixer: creaming soup or mashed potatoes
  • Microplane zester: “zesting” nutmeg, ginger, spices in general
  • Our cutting boards: we have not used them, except for deco, but will soon
  • Sushi set: for making sushi
  • Brushes: spread olive oil on bread, or spreading chocolate on olive oil
  • Mini dishes: keeping salt or seasonings in
  • An oven dish: for baking mac ‘n’ cheese, heating up dishes
collection 2
The spiralizer is the white thing on the left, then we have the immersion blender, steamer, tongs, spatula, cutting board, cookie scooper, grater, spoons, chopsticks, masher, mini ramekin bowls, and an oven dish


collection 3

cookie spoon
cookie baller
ramekins and oven dish
soup spoons
spoons (we eat soup we these) and our Kitchen Twin cutting boards!
spiralizer 1
Spiralizer – looks crazy but very fun. And sharp!
spiralizer 2
Mini spatula
hand held julianer (shreds veggies into long sticks)
bamboo steamer
sushi mat
sushi mat roller
microplane zester


These are not all of the uses for our favorite cooking accessories, but they are examples. We hope you enjoy using our favorite cooking accessories too! Tell us how you use them!                     Enjoy,
Emily & Lyla 🙂