Popcorn 3 Ways

We love popcorn, and we also love to experiment with it too. These are three of our favorite ways…

  • Peanut Butter and Honey: Take your popped popcorn, and put in a frying pan. Scoop creamy or chunky peanut butter onto your popcorn. Drizzle some honey, and gently stir popcorn until the peanut butter and honey are melted. Add more of each to coat as much as you want.
  • Truffle Oil Sea Salt: Take your popcorn and pop it, and then drizzle truffle oil and shake some salt on. Then mix it.
  • Parmesan Butter: First melt butter, and then put parmesan on, and finally mix.popcorn

Would you like to know some ways on how to pop popcorn? There are two ways we know of. One of them is called air pop. That is how we do it. The machine blows hot air and POPS! And the second way is on the stove. You put oil in and then let it POP!  Those are two ways we know on how to pop popcorn.



Lyla and Emily ; )