Our School Garden

      At our school we have a garden where we grow many things. That includes kohlrabi, spinach, kale, tomatillos, husk cherries, sorrel, stevia, and many more. We also make honey from the bees we have. Another thing that we have is chickens. They are just starting to lay eggs, but they are small. We have only female chickens, so the eggs aren’t fertilized like some eggs.

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photo photo photoAt our school, we have a garden club, we have made tomatillo salsa, sweet potato pancakes, latkes, eggs, cold frames (in the winter, most plants need to keep heat in, so a cold frame helps them do that), baked potatoes and sweet potatoes, and bread dough. Mrs. Flory, our garden teacher, has showed us brooms made out of a type of corn stalk. In a previous time at garden club, we cleaned the chicken coop and made it chicken paradise. Like we mentioned before, they started laying eggs so they need a place to lay them. The chickens have a huge, wooden “shed” where they are able to lay their eggs. When we picked them up to bring them to their coop, they walked out of it a few minutes later. They slept in a tree in their coop that night, but will be comfortable to sleep in their other pen soon. The garden is right next to the coop, and is fenced out so can be clearly seen, and so animals can’t eat all the crops. Outside the back gate, there is an outdoor classroom. It includes a sink, roof, many seats, a chalkboard, a wood cutter, a shed to store tools for cooking, a steel countertop for cooking as well as two tables. A little ways from the classroom is a brick stove that is being made. An interesting fact about this brick stove is the clay is from the garden at our school! Our garden is an extraordinary place, and we love it. We hope someday you’ll be able to share your garden experience with us too! ENJOY,  Lyla and Emily 🙂
Remember fresh is best!