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Feta Tomato Onion Tartlets

Have you ever had savory tartlets before? Well these are the best ever! They have rosemary, feta, tomatoes, and onions! They are the perfect appetizer bites and mini treats! This is what you need to make them: 1 sweet onion 5 medium-sized tomatoes (campari are good) 1 Tablespoon fresh rosemary, de-stemmed and cut into small… Read more »

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Strawberry Applesauce Pancakes

  These are my Strawberry Applesauce Pancakes. I adapted this recipe from my great grandmother’s by adding in some applesauce and strawberries. They are SO good and thicker and puffier than regular pancakes. You can make these gluten free or vegan.  We are doing a vegan week right now so we used chia in place of eggs (chia… Read more »

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Gluten-Free Chocolate Oatmeal Chunkers by Sweet Lorens

Hi Everyone, Loren Brill is the owner of Sweet Loren’s cookies which is a line of cookies that are sold in the frozen section in all of the NYC Whole Foods stores and many more. Below is Sweet Loren’s very special Chocolate Oatmeal Chunkers cookie recipe that you can make yourself. Thank you Loren for letting… Read more »

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A Fun Meatless Monday- Potato Pancakes with the Kitchen Twins

Hi Everyone, I love potatoes. I was going to make hash browns tonight but instead decided to make potato pancakes. Then of course they have to go with applesauce, so we made that, plus mashed cauliflower and seasoned black beans because we had those on hand. It was a fun meal to make and eat. Everything… Read more »

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Why we are Gluten Free

 When you think of gluten free, you usually think of no bread, no pasta, no wheat. But that has changed over the past couple of years, store-owners have put more thought into being gluten free, and have actually devoted certain aisles of their stores for this allergen. This act does not rap all around the… Read more »

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Our Yoga Birthday Party+Cupcake Recipe!

Last week we celebrated our 11th birthday. We had lots of fun celebrating doing yoga with our friends at a place called Yogastream. Lara Heimann owns it and she has a daughter Olivia who is 12 who is the youngest person ever to get a teachers degree to teach yoga. Ms Heimann and Olivia taught the class for us… Read more »

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Better Than Tate’s Cookies!

Here is a cookie recipe I made modifying one of our favorite chefs Chloe Coscarelli (she’s vegan and won Cupcake Wars and has the best cookbooks). They are gluten free and vegan (actually all of Chloe’s recipes are vegan). And since Ly and I are gluten free, we made with our cookies with gluten free… Read more »

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Granny’s Pancakes with Strawberry Sauce

Granny’s Pancakes Here is a recipe passed down from my great grandma to my mom. We updated it a touch and they are as delicious as when my mom enjoyed them when she was young (and a touch healthier)! You will Need: 1 cup almond milk 1 egg 1 tablespoon coconut sugar  1 tablespoon oil… Read more »

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Christmas Coffee Cake

Every year my Grammy, my sister, and I make coffee cake. The coffee cake is creamy, with pecans in it, but this year it changed a little. That is because Lyla is gluten-free. This recipe is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit, and to enjoy family. Even though the snow stopped in… Read more »