Emily and Lyla’s 8 Great Reasons to Eat Kale

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Here are our 8 Great Reasons to eat kale!

1) Tastes good (we especially like our chips)


2) Keeps you strong and fit because kale has a ton of iron.


3) Makes your hair healthy and shiny and strong because it a has tons of vitamin A and C. Very good in summer especially if you swim a lot.


4)  Good for your teeth because it is high in vitamin A which helps boost teeth health (or is it tooth health?? Either way). And we think this sounds more fun than brushing but we brush and floss too-don’t worry mom!


6) It’s really high in antioxidants. What are those – actually vitamins A, C and E. Antioxidants protect cells and prevent cell damage.  Your skin will be nice and healthy and fresh. Another good summer eat (we love chia for this reason too).


7) Helps fight and prevents lots of diseases because of all the vitamins and minerals kale has. You don’t want to miss any summer activities and this is good for our future too.


8) It’s real food not fancy junk food (one of our parents favorite ways to describe stuff like organic cheese puffs).  Real food = real. We don’t like fake stuff…well maybe some good fake movie candy!



Have a great day.

Emily and Lyla, The Kitchen Twins

This is a picture of our Kitchen Twins Make Your Own Kale Chips. Hope you enjoy them.

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