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SUJA Magic Mango Coconut Whipped Cream

Emily and I love whipped cream,  SUJA and coconut so we wanted to put them together. This whipped cream is dairy free and also vegan and gluten free.  It will take a little thinking if you want to make this because you really want to chill the can of coconut milk for many hours or overnight. Why? Because then… Read more »

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Healthy School Lunches-Kitchen Twins

Hi Everyone, Here are more of our school lunches from this past week. This was a week of soup and potatoes as you can see. We love to make homemade soup with our mom and love Chloe Coscarelli’s recipes which are vegan and gluten free. Sometimes we add in cheese instead of the nutritional yeast in… Read more »

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Kitchen Curiosities Vol 6 Jim Nawn Agricola

Good Morning Everyone! We hope you enjoy our interview with Mr. Jim Nawn, the owner of Agricola which is a farm to table restaurant in Princeton.  Watch the video and learn about his favorite dish at Agricola and a new and exciting vegetable they are growing at his Great Road Farm and much much more!  This was a fun… Read more »

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Toasted Coconut Make Your Own Kale Chips-Kitchen Twins

Hi Everyone, We are so excited about launching a new flavor of our Kitchen Twins Kale Chips. Introducing…..Toasted Coconut Make Your Own Kale Chips! Yum yum. It’s on shelf now at Pennington Quality Market. This combination may seem different, but trust us it is just delicious (see empty bowl in picture)? We use very delicious toasted coconut to… Read more »

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A Few Food Favorites- Kitchen Twins

Hi Everyone, below we share four favorite foods (spaghetti squash, kale (of course), cauliflower and bananas) and how we enjoy them. Maybe you enjoy them in the same ways or maybe this will give you new ideas. We will continue adding to this list. Please share any ways you like to enjoy because we love to try new… Read more »

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Kitchen Twins in The Lawrence Gazette

Here’s a nice article on us and our Make Your Own Kale Chips in the Lawrence Gazette ! Thank you Kelly Ford and Lawrence Gazette and Jessica Oates and thank you for putting us on your cover! This interview was very fun to do. Jessica Oates interviewed us by SKYPE. She asked really questions and… Read more »

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Kitchen Curiosities Vol 6 Jammin’ Crepes

Hi Everyone, We were so happy to be able to interview Kim Rizk, owner and chef of Jammin’ Crepes in Princeton New Jersey. Click below to watch the interview and learn what her favorite crepe is, what inspired her to cook, her biggest cooking disasters and more. And at the end you’ll see them making their famous… Read more »

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Our Kale (and us) in the Lawrence Ledger Newspaper!!

Hello Everyone, Check out this very nice article about Lyla and me and our Make Your Own Kale Chips! We are so grateful for your support. Thank you Lawrence Ledger for putting us on the cover of your paper.  Wow!  Though Lyla will remember when I said “she had a brilliant mind” forever.  Thank you everyone! Hope you… Read more »

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What will be our next Kitchen Twin Kale Chip Flavor?

Hi Everyone, Here we are testing many different types of Kitchen Twin kale chip seasonings that we can’t yet share but we think we have a winner. It is a combination people will think is strange BUT at one time people thought chocolate and peanut butter was strange too (by the way this is Em’s… Read more »

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Quick Tip: Peeling Garlic

Quick Tip: Peeling Garlic  Hi Everyone! Who knew you could peel garlic this way!  Watch our Kitchen Twins Quick Tip video to see how!  We promise it’s fun.     What to do with your peeled garlic? Roast it: Take your garlic, put in a roasting pan, drizzle with a little olive oil and roast them… Read more »