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Photos From 2017!!

  All in all we had an amazing 2017. From memories at the lake, to time in the kitchen, being with family and friends, playing sports, eating happily, we did so many things and hopefully 2018 is just as good!  Here are some of our favorite memories from the past year. Thank you all for… Read more »

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Being A Twin

So what really is ‘to be a twin?’ Well,  the dictionary says it is one of two children or animals born at the same birth. a person or thing that is exactly like another: “there was a bruise on his cheek, a twin to the one on mine” But if you are a twin you know… Read more »

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Delicious Roasted Tomato Dip

    A lot of times, people just cook for meals. That is basically the opposite for us. We cook nonstop whenever we can. And so today, when I wanted to cook something, I saw some tomatoes in the fridge and decided to make a roasted tomato dip. It is simple, delicious, healthy and versatile…. Read more »

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Favorite Cooking Accessories – Kitchen Twins

We love using and having special kitchen appliances, but there are so many. So we decided (though it was hard) on our favorite cooking accessories, and are now showing them with you. These tools each serve many purposes, such as the brushes. They can spread olive oil on bread, or cover biscotti with chocolate! We… Read more »

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Raspberry Chia Pudding – Kitchen Twins

Good Morning Everyone, We love chia pudding and normally eat chocolate or vanilla, but we have a new recipe to share and that’s Raspberry Chia Pudding. It is very simple to make and a treat. Plus it is very healthy. We take Chia pudding to school a lot and we also like it for a… Read more »

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A Few Food Favorites- Kitchen Twins

Hi Everyone, below we share four favorite foods (spaghetti squash, kale (of course), cauliflower and bananas) and how we enjoy them. Maybe you enjoy them in the same ways or maybe this will give you new ideas. We will continue adding to this list. Please share any ways you like to enjoy because we love to try new… Read more »

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Our Yoga Birthday Party+Cupcake Recipe!

Last week we celebrated our 11th birthday. We had lots of fun celebrating doing yoga with our friends at a place called Yogastream. Lara Heimann owns it and she has a daughter Olivia who is 12 who is the youngest person ever to get a teachers degree to teach yoga. Ms Heimann and Olivia taught the class for us… Read more »

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A Kitchen Twin Tip video

A Kitchen Twin Tip video- let hot melted butter cool down a bit before you add to an egg batter or else it scrambles! ( 🙁 :IMG_0425