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Basmati Spiced Rice

Feeling like our life now revolves completely around our school & sports schedule! It’s crazy how late we have been getting home after practice and then have to do our homework – haven’t had a ton of time to cook ūüôĀ But on nights like tonight when we have a day off from practice and… Read more »

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Anytime Veggie Pancakes

Why anytime veggie pancakes? Well because you can literally have them anytime. They are perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, apps, or even as a quick snack. You probably have all of the ingredients and they are super simple and super delicious. There are not enough words to describe how flavorful and perfect these savory pancakes… Read more »

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5 of our School Lunch Ideas

We love our school lunches, and we know we post pictures of our lunches¬†a lot on social media, but we wanted to share them with you like this more so you can also find some of the recipes.¬†We call¬†our lunches fun lunches, because they aren’t sandwiches. Sometimes¬†we have left overs and sometimes it just made… Read more »

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Healthy School Lunches-Kitchen Twins

Hi Everyone, Here are more of our school lunches from this past week. This was a week of soup and potatoes as you can see. We love to make homemade soup with our mom and love Chloe Coscarelli’s recipes which are vegan¬†and gluten free. Sometimes we add in cheese instead of the nutritional yeast in… Read more »

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Kitchen Twins Lunch This Week

Hi Everyone, We are going to try and keep track of our “fun” lunches and share them with you. As Lyla said before our favorite lunches are fun lunches – which means no sandwich and a bunch of different things we love. We actually barely have sandwiches anymore and if you are gluten free you… Read more »

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Lyla’s G-F Cheesy Homemade Mac & Cheesy

Last night it was a do-it-yourself dinner, and I offered to make mac & cheese for Emily and me. It was a delicious meal, and I would love to share it with you. This simple recipe is a do it yourself kind of meal. You get to decide how cheesy you would like to make… Read more »

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Parmesan Encrusted Avocado Grilled Cheese

When I was little, my family made pressed grilled cheeses’ a lot. And now, I have recreated them, except a little differently… For 1 sandwich You Will Need: -2 pieces of no crusted bread (so you can push it down thin). We use gluten free Whole Foods brand. -Parmesan (without animal rennet) -An avocado half… Read more »

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Today, 6-17-14, after school, Lyla, our mom, and me saw a bunch of signs advertising for the Gravity Hill Farmer’s Market. We had¬†been there before for a celebration for Princeton Scoop. At the celebration, they¬†had let us help make their delicious, warm brick-oven pizzas. Today, at the little market, we sampled¬†snap peas (snow and sugar… Read more »

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Apple and Avocado Gluten Free Wrap-great for school lunches

This is my very simple Apple and Avocado gluten free lunch wrap.¬† Okay to begin let me say this recipe is my ultimate favorite lunch wrap! Plus it is so simple. I prefer using a¬†Carrot Gem Wrap (we discovered Gem Wraps at Wegmans). Gem wraps kind of look like those dry fruit snacks (which I… Read more »

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Todays Lunch and Snack

Here is a picture of our lunch today. Hot Quinoa and black beans with gluten-free vegetarian taco seasoning. Home-made banana muffins, and some chocolate ( I snuck it in! ) Some red peppers and carrots. Plus some salt and vinegar lentils.  Enjoy Lyla and Emily! :):):):)