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Lyla’s G-F Cheesy Homemade Mac & Cheesy

Last night it was a do-it-yourself dinner, and I offered to make mac & cheese for Emily and me. It was a delicious meal, and I would love to share it with you. This simple recipe is a do it yourself kind of meal. You get to decide how cheesy you would like to make… Read more »

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Quick Tip: Pancakes, Waffles, French Toast

Hi Everyone! Here is a 2-for-1 Kitchen Twin Quick Tip!  Watch here for how to make pancakes, waffles and french toast healthier and a way enjoy more often on busy days. See below for two recipes.  Here are two of our Pancake Recipes:  http://kitchen-twins.com/recipes/grannys-pancakes-with-strawberry-sauce/ http://kitchen-twins.com/gluten-free/the-great-pumpkinflourless-pumpkin-pancakes/ Have a great day. Emily and Lyla ( :

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Our Kale (and us) in the Lawrence Ledger Newspaper!!

Hello Everyone, Check out this very nice article about Lyla and me and our Make Your Own Kale Chips! We are so grateful for your support. Thank you Lawrence Ledger for putting us on the cover of your paper.  Wow!  Though Lyla will remember when I said “she had a brilliant mind” forever.  Thank you everyone! Hope you… Read more »

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What will be our next Kitchen Twin Kale Chip Flavor?

Hi Everyone, Here we are testing many different types of Kitchen Twin kale chip seasonings that we can’t yet share but we think we have a winner. It is a combination people will think is strange BUT at one time people thought chocolate and peanut butter was strange too (by the way this is Em’s… Read more »

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Quick Tip: Peeling Garlic

Quick Tip: Peeling Garlic  Hi Everyone! Who knew you could peel garlic this way!  Watch our Kitchen Twins Quick Tip video to see how!  We promise it’s fun.     What to do with your peeled garlic? Roast it: Take your garlic, put in a roasting pan, drizzle with a little olive oil and roast them… Read more »

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Sushi Making: Recipe, Tips and Video

For our birthday our grandparents got us a gift certificate to William Sonoma and we got a sushi making kit. We love sushi and this was even better because we could make it ourselves! So, if you love sushi and want to make it at home, but need some tips, click here and watch us… Read more »

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Eggnog Chia Pudding (Vegan and gluten free)

“Eggnog” Chia Pudding Here is our recipe for “Eggnog” Chia Pudding. We like to eat this as a snack or for dessert. It is especially tasty in the winter because it tastes like the season! Chia is really good to use to make pudding because it gels up the liquid to make it into a pudding…. Read more »

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A Successful Launch!

We are very honored to be on the front page of todays Trenton Times. Thank you for supporting us, we had a successful launch and we sold out of product at Pennington Market! Below link is the article  Lyla and Emily

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The Garden! Kitchen Curiosities Vol 3, Part 1 –

Hi Everyone, This is our third Kitchen Curiosities video and interview and we are very excited to share our school garden and introduce you to our wonderful garden teacher, Mrs. Flory. We divided this one into 2 parts and this is part 1…you’ll meet our chickens here and visit our vegetable beds and see how… Read more »

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Our Yoga Birthday Party+Cupcake Recipe!

Last week we celebrated our 11th birthday. We had lots of fun celebrating doing yoga with our friends at a place called Yogastream. Lara Heimann owns it and she has a daughter Olivia who is 12 who is the youngest person ever to get a teachers degree to teach yoga. Ms Heimann and Olivia taught the class for us… Read more »