Vegan Coconut Cacao Fig Truffles

One day my friend and I were talking about how we cook every day. We went on and on about who could make better truffles. Here is the recipe I made for the mini competition. After you try these truffles, let me know who you think won the competition!  You don’t cook these, so no waiting for yumminess! These have become our favorite treat in the house!




1. In a food processor, mix the coconut almond crunch, fig, coconut oil, water, and walnuts until smooth.
2. Then add everything else except for the extra cacao and hazelnut. Once again, blend until smooth.
3. Take out a spoon and scoop up fig balls. Use your palms to roll into little truffle balls.
4. To top, roll some truffles into the ground hazelnuts and others in the cacao.

Hope you enjoy,
Emily & Lyla 🙂

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