Our parents make this mix almost every morning and we just tried it with SUJA Organic Berry Goodness Essentials and we all loved it. Usually they use almond milk for the liquid part but we all agreed it’s much better with SUJA’s Berry Goodness.  It is gluten free, vegan, full of protein and VERY filling.

We like to put it in jars because it’s easy to shake and eat on the go and right now we’re on the go A LOT with lots of lacrosse games and practices.



All of the ingredients. The finished cereal is in the jar.



Me setting up our food shoot.


The finished Berry Coconut Almond Quinoa cereal in a bowl.


You can see all of the ingredients the Berry Goodness has.


Just a picture of the dry ingredients. When you make it in a jar it’s like sand art with the layers. Until you shake it.




  • Mix all ingredients together either in a bowl or in a jar.
  • Make sure the chia and oats are stirred in they like to stick together.
  • Let sit for at least 30 minutes in refrigerator and enjoy!
  • If you like it more liquidy then add more Berry Goodness.
  • On the jars – our mom saves lots of jars and then we gave her a bunch of new jars as a Christmas present. We got them on Amazon. We all use the jars for this “cereal” and other stuff too.

Have a great day and we hope you enjoy this too.

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