This is my very simple Apple and Avocado gluten free lunch wrap. 

Okay to begin let me say this recipe is my ultimate favorite lunch wrap! Plus it is so simple. I prefer using a Carrot Gem Wrap (we discovered Gem Wraps at Wegmans). Gem wraps kind of look like those dry fruit snacks (which I don’t like or eat). This Gem Wrap looks shiny and weird but tastes good. It’s orange and made from carrots.   They are gluten free and hold the ingredients in. You can use a regular wrap here too-the avocado and apple are what really matter.   The rice wraps are the other kind of wrap I show here, but they don’t wrap as well, you just have to fold it because it rips. I take these wraps to school for lunch. They are filling and very delicious.  And, did you know that avocados are a fruit?  They have a pit, which is the clue that they are a fruit.

For this wrap you will need 3 things:

  • 1 Wrap (carrot Gem Wrap or rice wrap because I’m gluten free)
  • 1 avocado (my fav) 
  • 1 apple

Gem wrap 2 First lay out your wrap and dice your apple and avo. into even smaller than bite size pieces. Then put your ingredients on the wrap roll up. Follow instruction on the Gem Wrap on how to close it so it stays shut. And, Enjoy! Lyla:):):):)

Inside Wrap

Rice Wrap ingredients

 wrapped for school
Gem wrapLyla & Wrap

Written by Emily and Lyla

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