Our Mission

From the very start, we have had a mission:  to get families in the kitchen cooking with natural, whole foods.  Why? Because it’s fun to cook and spend time in the kitchen and healthy foods really taste good. We have this mission because we think people will feel better if they cook most of their meals themselves instead… Read more »

Emily and Lyla’s 8 Great Reasons to Eat Kale

Here are our 8 Great Reasons to eat kale! 1) Tastes good (we especially like our chips) 2) Keeps you strong and fit because kale has a ton of iron. 3) Makes your hair healthy and shiny and strong because it a has tons of vitamin A and C. Very good in summer especially if you swim a lot. 4)… Read more »

  • Now in Stores!

  • Suja Uber Greens Cucumber Gazpacho- Kitchen Twins

    Gazpacho is like a liquid salad and is technically made with tomatoes.   We don’t use tomatoes for this Gazpacho, but it is like a liquid salad and easier to eat than regular salad!  Our Suja Gazpacho is easy to make, and in the end is so refreshing. Emily and I love all of the ingredients so knew… Read more »

  • Kitchen Curiosities with Chef Maria Loi

    We first met Chef Maria Loi at the C-CAP event in New York and she was so nice and we loved her salmon dish she served that night so we could not wait to get to visit her at her restaurant Loi Estiatorio on West 58th Street in New York and interview her. Below is our Kitchen… Read more »

  • Making Our Coconut Kale Chips

    It’s just early morning in this video here and I am making our Kitchen Twins Toasted Coconut Kale Chips. I first coated the kale with the olive oil in the bag (#ShakeYourKale!!) and now I am sprinkling on the toasted coconut. And voila in 8- 10 minutes fresh kale chips we are taking to school with… Read more »

  • SUJA Berry Goodness Coconut Almond Quinoa “Cereal”

    Our parents make this mix almost every morning and we just tried it with SUJA Organic Berry Goodness Essentials and we all loved it. Usually they use almond milk for the liquid part but we all agreed it’s much better with SUJA’s Berry Goodness.  It is gluten free, vegan, full of protein and VERY filling. We like to… Read more »

  • Our Kitchen Twins Story

    Have we told you we’re excited to launch our Official Kitchen Twins Make Your Own Kale Chips!? Yes, you probably know this if you are following us, but let us back up a little and show you how it all began! Hope you enjoy our Story in pictures and words… Since then we have had so many… Read more »

  • Kitchen Curiosities with Chef Cesar of Lexington Brass

    We loved our time at Lexington Brass and getting to interview Chef Cesar Gutierrez. Watch our Kitchen Curiosities conversation and learn about his time at C-CAP (he’s a graduate-a true honor), Daniel Boulud as his mentor, his thoughts on becoming a chef and his very famous rice chips and how they came about! Chef Cesar is very nice and passionate about what… Read more »

  • SUJA Berry Nana Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Chips

    This is a really delicious and different kind of salsa that we love with homemade cinnamon chips. We first tried fruit salsa when our friend Bella brought it to our Yoga Veggie Potluck party. Everyone loved it. So we were inspired by her recipe and made our  fruit salsa with different fruits and Suja Organic Berry Nana!… Read more »

  • What is Nutritional Yeast?

    I bet that right now you are asking yourself “what is nutritional yeast?” Well you know how caviar is very, lets say first class, in taste and in $. Nutritional yeast is my caviar. Except for the money part, and that I don’t like caviar.   So how do I eat nutritional yeast? I like… Read more »

  • SUJA Magic Mango Coconut Whipped Cream

    Emily and I love whipped cream,  SUJA and coconut so we wanted to put them together. This whipped cream is dairy free and also vegan and gluten free.  It will take a little thinking if you want to make this because you really want to chill the can of coconut milk for many hours or overnight. Why? Because then… Read more »