A Look Back at Summer

We hope that with school starting this week, everyone has had a chance to settle down and get back into the swing of things. School has started back up quickly for us with field hockey, but before we fully let go of summer we wanted to share with you our favorite photos!    

Emily and Lyla’s 8 Great Reasons to Eat Kale

Here are our 8 Great Reasons to eat kale! 1) Tastes good (we especially like our chips) 2) Keeps you strong and fit because kale has a ton of iron. 3) Makes your hair healthy and shiny and strong because it a has tons of vitamin A and C. Very good in summer especially if you swim a lot. 4)… Read more »

  • Kohlrabi

    Today, 6-17-14, after school, Lyla, our mom, and me saw a bunch of signs advertising for the Gravity Hill Farmer’s Market. We had been there before for a celebration for Princeton Scoop. At the celebration, they had let us help make their delicious, warm brick-oven pizzas. Today, at the little market, we sampled snap peas (snow and sugar… Read more »

  • Kitchen Twins Meatless Monday

    Hi Everyone, Here is another Meatless Monday post (and it is gluten free).  Our mom made this dinner. She makes socca all of the time now which is the pancake type thing on my plate. It is made out of chick pea flour. The recipe for socca is below. Also on my plate is my favorite cauliflower… Read more »

  • Beet Yogurt

    We tried it once, and we are going to try it again. We love beets, but are not sure about this. Have you tried this type of yogurt? We’ll post our review after we try it again. -Have a good night the Kitchen-Twins

  • Meatless Monday! Quinoa Black Bean Tacos with Red Pepper Cashew Sauce – Kitchen twins

    What is Meatless Monday?  Meatless Monday is a day to try and not eat meat, and that is easy for us because we are vegetarian (well mostly, sometimes we eat fish).  If you do eat meat and want to try eating less, this is a way to not eat meat one day a week. Everybody… Read more »

  • Whole Food Princeton Cooking Demo and Class!

    We are SO excited that today we are doing a Kitchen Twins Cooking Demo at our local Whole Foods! We will be making a Quinoa Black Bean Tacos with a Red Pepper Cashew Sauce. And for dessert, our caramelized bananas.  This class is for kids 6 and up and we are excited to share our… Read more »

  • Vegan Coconut Cacao Fig Truffles

    One day my friend and I were talking about how we cook every day. We went on and on about who could make better truffles. Here is the recipe I made for the mini competition. After you try these truffles, let me know who you think won the competition ( :  You don’t cook these,… Read more »

  • Veggie Rice Wraps

      Here is a little food idea to try –  rice wraps. We use the rice wraps a lot. We like to put combinations in the wraps like apple and avocado or cucumber and avocado or shredded carrot, avocado and lettuce.  The rice wraps are easy to take to school, you can wrap them in… Read more »

  • Homemade Coconut Almond Quinoa Crunch Bars

    Makes about 14 bars Ingredients:  2 cups rolled oats 2 cups Coconut Almond Quinoa Crunch (by The Perfect SNAQUE). This is about 1 bag. 1/2 cup ground flax germ 3 TBS coconut oil 2/3 cup maple syrup 2 Tablespoons dark brown sugar 1 1/4 teaspoons vanilla extract 1/4 teaspoon salt Instructions: Preheat your oven to 350… Read more »

  • Veggie Person

    You might be reading my blog and think ‘where is the meat? Is she a vegetarian?’ Well, if you were thinking that you are close to correct, my family and I are all pescatarian (pescatarian means you are close to vegetarian, but you eat seafood). Being Pescatarian is not as hard as you might think it… Read more »

  • What is CARRAGEENAN, and why it is bad for you…

    One day we were out shopping when my mom taught us about Carrageenan – she had just learned about this ingredient being a carcinogen. What is it? It is an ingredient added to foods and and it comes from red algae. Why is it added to foods and beverages? It is added to thicken  or change… Read more »