Thanksgiving Thanks

Thanksgiving came around quite quickly this year and we are thankful for so many things! Hope everyone has a lovely, relaxing Thanksgiving filled with love and happiness! Here are a few things we are thankful for this year:

  • our mom and dad for helping organize everything and encouraging and supporting us as we grow our passion
  • all the experiences we have been presented with, like being able to travel to Nashville
  • our friends for being so supportive and fun to hang with
  • our family for watching our games and supporting our cooking journey
  • our cats, sapphire and pearl, for always being there to comfort us 🙂
  • having a warm bed and home, we are so thankful for that and sending our love to California
  • our teammates for great seasons and friendships
  • the Adirondacks and Big Moose for giving us our favorite place to be with our big family and make friends for life and enjoy all things outdoors
  • our teachers and school for being amazing

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


The Kitchen Twins

Emily and Lyla

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