What is CARRAGEENAN, and why it is bad for you…

One day we were out shopping when my mom taught us about Carrageenan – she had just learned about this ingredient being a carcinogen.

What is it? It is an ingredient added to foods and and it comes from red algae.

Why is it added to foods and beverages? It is added to thicken  or change the texture.  It has nothing nutritious in it.

Why is it bad? It can turn into a carcinogen. Which can cause cancer. It can also cause stomach problems.

We needed our usual almond milk- but she learned that we had been drinking the kind with Carrageenan.  Then, she looked on Whole Foods almond milk- no Carrageenan. We now look on the back of most foods to see if they have Carrageenan.  We learned it can be in milk substitutes, yogurt, ice cream, coconut water and other foods and beverages that are processed (not all natural).

To find out more here are some websites where we learned more with our mom on what it is and what products have it.

Food Babe Carcinogenic.   http://foodbabe.com/2012/05/22/watch-out-for-this-carcinogen-in-your-organic-food/

Dr Weill:   http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/QAA401181/Is-Carrageenan-Safe.html

Cornucopia:  http://www.cornucopia.org/shopping-guide-to-avoiding-organic-foods-with-carrageenan/

Have a very nice day.   Emily : )

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