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bread7There is big problem with Gluten Free Bread.

If you are gluten free like us, and buy gluten free bread, you probably have experienced this problem and became very frustrated. It’s not just a problem you experience once, but every single time you go to have a slice of bread!

So what’s the big problem with gluten free bread you ask? Well it falls apart and if it doesn’t fall apart then it’s a rock. But, we have a solution for the companies that make it.

Most gluten free bread you buy at the grocery store is frozen. If it doesn’t come frozen, you are supposed to freeze it after you open it so it doesn’t get moldy. Now here comes the frustration. When you go to get a slice or two of bread, you basically need a saw to separate the frozen slices. We use a bread knife and try very nicely with the bread to cut through it. That never happens without lots of the loaf falling to pieces. Sometimes you get lucky and the bread separates from the pack. And you’d think if you defrosted the loaf a little this might help, but then the middle of the slice somehow glues together.

We like to toast our bread. But the problem is that you never wind up with a whole piece of bread to toast. It’s hard to toast bread in pieces because the little pieces burn or fall through to the bottom of the toaster and it is very hard to get them out of the toaster. The oven doesn’t work either because the bread will fall through the rack, and if you put in on a tray then it takes a while and doesn’t get crispy and browned like toast should. So what is the point?

I found one that doesn’t totally crumble that tastes okay but is kind of a rock. Most gluten free bread is frozen, so that is one of the reasons for it falling apart. Another problem with gluten free bread is that it is twice as expensive then regular bread.  We aren’t really sure why. Is it fancier than other breads? Is it more expensive to make?  We don’t know how much all of the ingredients, but rice flour is used a lot and rice is a cheap ingredient. And the ingredients are sometimes cheaper than the ones used in regular bread! I guess they make the bread more expensive because gluten free sounds fancy or necessary. But that is just silly. And if you think that frozen is the problem, well even the breads that don’t come frozen still fall apart.

So we have a solution! The manufactuers need to put a little piece of wax paper between each slice, just like some sliced cheeses come.

Has anybody found a good type of gluten bread that is good, not crazy expensive, and doesn’t fall apart? We would love to know.

By the way, we do keep the bread that falls apart and we just make them into croutons.

Hope this was useful!

Emily and Lyla

The Kitchen Twins

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Written by Emily and Lyla


Anna Isbell

Hi Emily and Lyla!! I’m 13 and gluten free too! The type of bread brand that I use is called schar and it is really good and doesn’t fall apart for me. You can buy this at almost any grocery store. I hope this helped!

Emily and Lyla

Hi Ann, Thanks for your note! We have tried Schar and will try again. Thank you!!!


Not Sure where you live, but here in Vancouver there are a lot of Gluten free bakeries, that produce some really good breads, you would not know they were GF if someone didn’t tell you. I have never had GF bread fall apart like that. My back up is either Costco or local frozen bread and same the bread is pretty good, being frozen bread.


We eat Rudi’s Multigrain with honey. We don’t freeze, and we always toast. It works for us! Good luck 🙂


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