Rennet: Do you know what it is?

Do you know what rennet is? Well rennet is a complex of enzymes produced in any mammal stomach. On ingredient labels it’s listed as “rennet” and you should also look for it listed as “animal enzymes”, because that is another name for rennet.  

Rennet is mostly found in cheeses and this ingredient is used to give certain cheese their textures.

So if you’re a cheese lover, and animal lover, like me then you should look out for rennet and instead look for cheesed that list vegetable enzymes, or vegetable rennet because that does not come from an animal it comes from a vegetable. Also, there are “microbial enzymes” that are not from animals but are man made and “synthetic”. 

So if you don’t eat meat like my family, this is something good to know about if you didn’t know this already. And even if you do eat meat, maybe rennet doesn’t sound very good to you. Be sure to look out for rennet and animal enzymes on labels and try looking for something that doesn’t have rennet or has the vegetarian substitute. 

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