• Keeping healthy is an easy way of life. The way we keep healthy and active is eating the right food and playing lacrosse. Going on a diet can be hard, so do not pressure yourself and choose the right foods. Once and a while a little piece of candy or some chips are fine. To keep healthy and have more energy try eating all whole foods, and I will give you a little hint whole foods are not ┬áprocessed. If you are hungry do not just grab a bag of chips keep it healthy so that your snack will give you energy and keep you filled up. Here are some examples:
  • Apple
  • Nut butters
  • Whole almonds
  • Chick peas

These are just some, but there are many more. So keep healthy!


Written by Emily and Lyla

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Theresa Bonner

Hi Ladies! I just want to say that It is so wonderful that you two are so into food and staying healthy. I am also a blogger that writes about creating a healthy life through nutrition, exercise and happiness. I would love to feature your blog on my website: enlightenednourishment.com in the future with your consent. I think that what you are doing is spectacular and such a positive influence for kids your age as well as adults. Good luck in all you do!


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