Here is a list of what we did over our spring break. At first we were sad not to go to Florida to visit our grandmother (she is coming to us), but we had the best 2 weeks ever!

  • Sponsored and hosted Princeton Pi Day Pie Judging Contest
  • Sleepover at friends and shopping and eating in town
  • Cooking Demo at Trenton Boys and Girls Club
  • Lunch at Wildflour Bakery
  • Lunch at Whole Earth with Friends
  • Play with Friends
  • Kitchen Curiosities with Chef Bryce Shuman of Betony and lunch there with family
  • Kitchen Curiosities with General Manager Eamon Rockey of Betony and made orange curls and drank milk punch
  • Whole Foods Princeton #ShareTheBuzz Blogging Event (to learn about bees and help save them)
  • Sleepover at our house
  • Kitchen Curiosities with Chef Bill Telepan of Telepan in NYC and lunch there with friends and family
  • Approved our Make Your Own Kale Chips packaging proofs
  • Kitchen Curiosities with Chef Cesar Gutierrez of Lexington Brass in NYC
  • Play with Friends
  • Kitchen Curiosities with Chef Maria Loi of Loi Estiatorio in NYC
  • Lunch at Jammin Crepes with Friends
  • Visit our new dentist (learn her daughter went to our school)
  • Dinner with Family Friends
  • Family Dinner with our preschool friends and parents
  • Visit our old NYC neighborhood

In front of our first home in New York on West 67th Street.


Thanks for reading.

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Written by Emily and Lyla

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