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Healthy School Lunches-Kitchen Twins

Hi Everyone, Here are more of our school lunches from this past week. This was a week of soup and potatoes as you can see. We love to make homemade soup with our mom and love Chloe Coscarelli’s recipes which are vegan and gluten free. Sometimes we add in cheese instead of the nutritional yeast in… Read more »

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Kitchen Twins Lunch This Week

Hi Everyone, We are going to try and keep track of our “fun” lunches and share them with you. As Lyla said before our favorite lunches are fun lunches – which means no sandwich and a bunch of different things we love. We actually barely have sandwiches anymore and if you are gluten free you… Read more »

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Lyla’s G-F Cheesy Homemade Mac & Cheesy

Last night it was a do-it-yourself dinner, and I offered to make mac & cheese for Emily and me. It was a delicious meal, and I would love to share it with you. This simple recipe is a do it yourself kind of meal. You get to decide how cheesy you would like to make… Read more »

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Our Launch-Make Your Own Kale Chips!

Hi Everyone, We are so VERY excited to launch our first product!  We had this idea last year (even before the Shark Tank event we did) and now it is ready to launch. We are very thankful to local stores like Pennington Market, Olives and D’Angelos that will have our product first locally and they have… Read more »

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Lyla’s Gazpacho

This was the first time I tried Gazpacho. I made it with my dad and I really liked it.  We used fresh red cherries as the secret ingredient (not so secret anymore though). My mom said we shouldn’t use cherries, she thought it would be gross…but she was wrong and she like it! We served… Read more »

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Parmesan Encrusted Avocado Grilled Cheese

When I was little, my family made pressed grilled cheeses’ a lot. And now, I have recreated them, except a little differently… For 1 sandwich You Will Need: -2 pieces of no crusted bread (so you can push it down thin). We use gluten free Whole Foods brand. -Parmesan (without animal rennet) -An avocado half… Read more »

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Veggie Rice Wraps

  Here is a little food idea to try –  rice wraps. We use the rice wraps a lot. We like to put combinations in the wraps like apple and avocado or cucumber and avocado or shredded carrot, avocado and lettuce.  The rice wraps are easy to take to school, you can wrap them in… Read more »

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Carrot Ginger Dressing

  Now, and when we were younger we liked and did not like to try foods. When we were young, the Carrot Ginger Dressing at Japanese restaurants was one of those things that we did not want to try. Emily ended up trying it just a couple times and she loved it, and so we worked on our… Read more »

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“Wonder” Kale Salad

This salad is a “wonder” blend of veggies and fruits with an aged balsamic vinaigrette. This sounds fancy, but it is really simple. We had tried kale chips before and liked them and then we tried a kale salad at a friend’s house, so we decided we would make one at home. And for salad dressing,… Read more »