IMG_2291 IMG_3862 IMG_4490 When you think of gluten free, you usually think of no bread, no pasta, no wheat. But that has changed over the past couple of years, store-owners have put more thought into being gluten free, and have actually devoted certain aisles of their stores for this allergen. This act does not rap all around the store-owners though, manufacturers are the big reason for this because they have started to make their products gluten free, and or make products that are gluten free. They deserve a thank you: “thank you”. So, what is gluten free? The precise definition is: (of food or a diet) not containing gluten. Celiac, being allergic to gluten, is only one of the reasons people are gluten free today. And now I am going to tell you why we are gluten free:
Lyla-> Lyla had had a chronic cough for years. She had her lungs x-rayed, was on an inhaler, and had to take antibiotics. The doctors said it was due to nature, we traveled, and still her cough hadn’t stopped. We researched and immediately found that it could be gluten. The doctors said it couldn’t be gluten, and when she tested for celiac, she was negative. Even though she was negative, we decided we should try, and when we went out for dinner that night,(she ate bread)Lyla coughed. We had found our answer at last!
Me(Emily)-> For years I would complain about my knees, ankles, wrists, all of my joints, but mostly when I was playing a sport. I was on crutches twice. Ouch! At last, and it took a long time, we found what we thought the problem was: I had an inflammation from eating gluten. Once again we found our answer.

For all of you out there wondering what that chronic cough might be, or joint pain, even headaches, here is a good website that gives more detail and tells you what foods to avoid, and what what foods you can eat: —>
Some specific foods you might not think have gluten in them but always check:

  • Licorice- Twizzler’s
  • Soy Sauce- use tamari
  • Sauces in general
  • Oats
  • Cereal
  • Noodle
  • Puddings
  • Pickles
  • Hot dogs
  • Chips- the flavoring or body
  • Soups
  • Fondue

Some opinions, or tips, that I have discovered about being gluten free:

  • Some of the foods are sweeter. ex/: white bread
  • The bread breaks easily if you don’t let it defrost.
  • Foods are smaller than the “usual” size
  • If you are using Pamela’s, you do not need baking powder, baking soda, or xanthan gum
  • Brown rice flour is dry and crumbly, it takes over the flavor of what you are baking
  • You will find a lot of gluten free thing are expensive, that is why we make most of our food
    Our favorite gluten free brands:
  • Flour- Pamela’s
  • Bread- Schar & My Bread
  • Pizza- Bob’s Red Mill pizza mix (make sure to wet your fingers when pushing out the dough)
  • Brown Rice Noodles- Roland
  • Pasta- Barilla, it doesn’t stick together
  • Pretzels- Snyder’s

I hope that you have learned a lot, and that I have made you a path of instructions or help on how to be gluten free!
Emily 🙂

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Written by Emily and Lyla

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